Joanna & Tibor

On October 16th 2017 Joanna Woollett and Tibor Nagy exchanged their marriage vows celebrating with a small family group at The Mudbrick Vineyard on Waiheke Island…..the unsettled weather did’nt interfere with their beautiful ceremony which was held on the mezzanine floor above the restaurant dining area.

They met in Wellington 8 years ago, a meeting which heralded the start of a true romance and wonderful future. Together they have shown that coming from two very different countries and cultures has complemented their beautiful relationship – with a combination of different lifestyles and ideas from Tibor’s Hungarian descent and Joanna’s New Zealand Philippino origins it seems undeniable that events, people and places were perfectly aligned for their union.

Congratulations Joanna and Tibor, enjoy every special day you spend together.

Gorgeous photos supplied by Tibor’s brother Zoltan Nagy who travelled from Australia. Hair; Waiheke Hair & Nails Flowers and bouquet;  Waiheke Flower Company   Joanna’s amazing wedding gown supplied by the online retailer: JJ’s House 

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